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so easy

很简单的英语:very simple。 很简单的短语: The matter is very simple.那个事情很简单。 Choosing a career is very simple.择业其实很简单。 In fact, happiness is very simple .幸福其实很简单。 Life is very simple.生活其实很简单。 扩展...

很简单的英文: as easy as pie; a piece of cake; very simple 双语例句: 你能很简单地改变一幅画中事物的相对比例。 You can vary the relative proportions of things in a picture very simply. 明年夏天的考试在执行和评分上都将很简单。 ...

So easy! 这就可以了呀!希望你能采纳,谢谢。

It is a very simple thing It is a piece of cake. It is nothing.是一件很简单的事情

翻译结果 很简单英文怎么说so How do you say very simple English so

English is easy for me

so hard

原句---一般疑问句---否定句--特殊疑问句分别如下,其中He 可以改成she,或者其他任何主语 He can do his homework----Can he do his homework-----He can't do his homework--What can he do? He can teach English--Can he teach English?---He...

so we talked all night about the rest and past of our lives 我们谈论了整个晚上,关于休息和我们过去的生活 where we're gonna be when we turn 23 当我们23岁的时候我们将会在哪里呢? I keep thinking times will never change 我一直认为...

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