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100 points, translated into simple English civilization slogan: 1. The shop store clean, room room and beauty. 2. Civilization comity, queue up. 3. Civilized classes and participate in the happy together

文明礼貌 学习争先虽重要, 文明礼貌也要好。 学校规定都遵守, 见到老师有礼貌。 同学之间相友爱, 友谊小手牵的牢。 爱护公物放心上, 树立新风我做到。

to be a civilized traveller

爱护环境,有你 有我 有他;文明旅游,利己 利国 利民

please keep tidy!

Tourist attractions can be affixed to a number of cultural signs 旅游景点可以贴一些文明标语

Civilized travel

教室: Success stems from ninety-nine percent to one percent. 阅览室: Knowledge is the source of wisdom. 食堂: Who know the dish food, the fruit of hard toil 寝室: We are family, be deeply attached to each other in one family.


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